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Advanced Plat-former Engine

2013-01-24 21:58:42 by scottwjsm

I thank you for selecting this post;
I am looking forward to developing a game on my own but I don' know how to program. I know some of the basics and I plan to tweak an engine to develop a game similar to megaman (Programmer will be given credited when uploaded).

If anyone who read this is interested in developing a Platformer Engine for me, please PM me, it would be very kind and it would have high probability to get front page with the included story-line/cut-scenes.

All I ask for is a platformer with good physics, doorways to other frames, monsters, heath, lives, health/live items, movable boxes, and a plan level connecting to another level (doorways) with possibly a boss in it. I will provide you with simple sprites as i work with a partner on the games sprites and story-line.

Thanks for reading and I hope to receive a PM to those interested! :)


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2013-01-25 12:35:51

"I am looking forward to developing a game ON MY OWN"
"If anyone who read this is interested in developing a Platformer Engine FOR ME"
Well, at least you'll contribute sprites. I would have such a hard time finding them online.

scottwjsm responds:



2013-01-27 05:17:04

seems like a lot of work for something that could easily fizzle. you're asking a lot, realize it or not. dust off your copy of Essential AS3 and do it yourself!


2013-04-05 23:28:53

Hey Scott its been a few years, I just recently got back on newgrounds and am looking to make more then just spam, though i haven't been practicing animation, I have been making sprites and learning how to program (not nearly well enough for your game yet). This looks interesting but I have a question.
By simple sprites what are we talking here, nes resolution, snes resolution, what color pallet will you be using. If you are going to make real sprites (not just Atari bricks) i may be able to assist you in making more of them, it will be a time consuming process, but if you will look at my most recent art (not my user picture that's not finished and is just a place holder) you will see that time is worth authentic to hardware sprites (my example being at gamboy color and resolution). If you would like my help pm me and I would be happy to assist. I would like to see what this game will be about.