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Follow Me on SOUNDCLOUD !! Pwedy Pwease :-)

2017-06-14 00:51:35 by scottwjsm

I upload most of my work here on newgrounds as demos to see how people respond to find out what tracks are working that I can later make into a song.

It would mean a lot if anyone is willing to support my soundcloud page to help give me some more motivation! Please feel free to give me critiques of my work! Also if anyone has advice how to expand on soundcloud (should I repost songs?) that would also be greatly appreciated (^u^) !!




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2017-06-14 17:05:42

Only if you follow me. ;}

I really dig this track. I look forward to checking more of your stuff out.
I only have three short tracks up on mine, but I have a bunch more that I need to mix and build into proper songs.

(Updated ) scottwjsm responds:

Thanks! Do you use Fl Studio?


2017-06-14 19:41:36

Hola, los he seguido a ambos ! besos :ยท$


2017-06-15 13:49:28

No. I'm using an extremely basic DAW on an old iPad3 while I save up for a PC build for recording.(I'm figuring late summer on that)