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SOS PHOTOSHOP USERS!! : hotkey help!

2017-12-30 02:08:33 by scottwjsm

What are helpful hotkeys used while working with digital art??

Everytime I use opacity and lift up my intous pen it adds another transperent color on top! Is there a hotkey to keep me in the same brush pressure so I dont have to hold my pen down?


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2017-12-30 10:30:19

"Everytime I use opacity and lift up my intous pen it adds another transperent color on top" I really don't know what you mean by this. Is the brush still painting when you lift the pen off the tablet?

You can modify brush pressure settings either in the Tablet Properties (under the Windows Start Menu), or under Brush Settings (in Photoshop CS7, I think under Window and Brushes), but I'll admit that I need further clarification about your problem.

scottwjsm responds:

Yea the way I am explaining it is confusing, which makes it hard to search for it. What I am trying to do is continue with a stroke, when I lift the pen from the tablet to get to another part of the canvas the stroke is finished immediately when the pen leaves the surface of my tablet. When I go over the same stroke it just adds another stroke on top when I am trying to fill in the same brush stroke. Idk if this is making any sense lol


2017-12-30 19:32:08

*cracks knuckles* Forgive me if I didn't get you issue, as you may need to show a screenshot.

I think what you're saying is you have a low opacity brush, but you want to preserve it's transparency and be able to lift your pen from the tablet.

As far as I know, you can't. I think the brush opacity is meant to simulate what it's like for traditional painters by helping build up colour or mixing colurs on the canvas.

However, what I would do is keep the brush at 100% opacity, make a new Layer for whatever you're making translucent (say a layer for a glass panel) and reduce the layers opacity. If you paint on that layer, all colours will be at the layer's opacity.

scottwjsm responds:

Wow I didnt even think of that thanks!!!!