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Newgrounds Sega Saturn Collab

Posted by scottwjsm - June 28th, 2023

So many classic newgrounds collabs had menus where you can choose which scenes you wanted to see by multiple animators usually part of a group/ community. There were the piconjo jam collabs, star syndicate, Radical wrong doers, ultimate pwnage, camp north, and so many more. My favorite videos on newgrounds where these collabs and we dont see a lot of them now days. Some of my favorites dont exist anymore because of copyright music.

I plan on working on a flash menu collab in the style of a fighting game menu on a mid 90's game console, the sega saturn. Prototypes of Sonic Adventure and Shenmue were being working on the sega saturn. The most famous games are Nights into Dreams, Panzer Dragoon, Grandia, Sonic R, Megaman X4, Megaman 8, Astal and fighting games like Virtua Fighter 2 and Street Fighter Alpha.

Think of this as a monthly animation challenge. I am looking for animated loops or shorts, but focus on a particular character from a game. The sega saturn collab channel on Dannygoodshirt's Discord Server . send me a pm or leave a comment if you are interested in joining and what character you want to animate or contribute any art.


Make your video in any version of flash or animate and export it as a .fla file

Set your project to "full hd" (1920 x 1080 px ) 24 fps and Action Script 3.0

No nudity but violence and swearing is okay

Music and sounds that are Royalty free or have permission to use music from the Audio Portal.

Animations a preferred to be made in flash :)

Submissions should be send to my mail in the NG Dump or google drive as soon as possible. The deadline will be EXTENDED to the end of December.

popular games list:

  1. Nights into Dreams (animation by therealglitchexe)
  2. Astal (art by KafkaCow)
  3. (claimed by garbagioni )
  4. Sonic R (Art by dorfdedoesstuff)
  5. Sonic Jam (Art by sentientvoid)
  6. Virtua Fighter 2
  7. Panzer Dragoon Saga
  8. Sega Rally Championship
  9. Virtual-On: Cyber Troopers
  10. Street Fighter Alpha 3 ( art by NoMoreChie)
  11. Burning Rangers (Art by Maplewood Street)
  12. Radiant Silvergun (Animation by Anonymous Frog)
  13. Sonic 3D Blast (Animation by SeamanArts)
  14. Daytona USA (Frazza Jazz)
  15. Dragon Force
  16. Shining the Holy Ark
  17. Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean
  18. Mortal Kombat II (art by Jianni)
  19. Tomb RaiderĀ 
  20. Resident Evil (Animation by justphillip)
  21. NBA Jam TE
  22. NHL All-Star Hockey
  23. Die Hard Arcade
  24. Virtua Cop 2
  25. Clockwork Knight
  26. Myst
  27. Mega Man X4 (animation by protosaur)
  28. Mega Man 8
  29. Duke Nukem 3D (claimed by spiggygee )
  30. Fighting Vipers
  31. Worms
  32. Cotton 2 (Animation by DrunkGecko)
  33. Magic Knight Rayearth
  34. X-Men vs. Street Fighter
  35. Grandia (Animation by Scottwjsm and art by RavioliBox)
  36. Shining Force III
  37. Saturn Bomberman (Animation by JPR)
  38. Bug Too
  39. Super Tempo ( Animation by Donavin Draws)
  40. Earthwoorm Jim (Art byBlackDingo86NG)
  41. SCUD the Disposable Assassin game ( Art by Crockett )
  42. Asuka 120% ( Art by flannagan-the-red)
  43. Shud (art by Crockett)



can art be accepted in this collab or is it strictly animation?

Sure, opening it up to also accepting art is a good idea

I'm really interested in joining, but why is your server only a server to speak aloud?

I can make a forum post once we have some rolls figured out. you dont have to join the server, i dont have one of my own

Joined the server to see what's what, but there are no text channels, which is highly inconvenient. Love to help out if I can though.

I added a collab chat but there already are collab text channels under dannygoodshirtprojects

@scottwjsm Odd... I still only have a general voice channel, and that's it

I had the link for the a channel in the discord but i fixed it. Also I would love to have you in the collab

The discord link doesn't work.

i want join collab if you feel the sunshine ;)

super sonic racing

this seems intresting,what the heck ill join.Does it have to be flash?

I would prefer flash but we can allow other formats too

@Noahboi10123 it's a collab art not a collab animation

@scottwjsm aight that's cool

You forgotten to mention Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (which actually got a Saturn port).

hey all scott here and damnit, i own sonic jam, it's a pretty rare game but i don't wanna be known as "the guy who owns sonic jam" when i'm dead (i wanna join the collab in the sonic jam spot, in case it wasn't obvious)

Omg I would love to join!! I love Burning Rangers, so I'd like to apply to that one! :D

yooo sounds very interesting, I would like to participate! :D
Sonic 3d blast is one of my first sonic games, so I would like to claim it!

sweet would you want to animate or make art?

@scottwjsm I would like to animate but does it need to be flash? I usually use clip studio

Is Gex taken/does it count?

gex counts

I don't think I'll be able to have time to make something. But I'm surprised to not see Guardian Heroes, Mr Bones or Three Dirty Dwarves on the list.

mr bones is real good i have to add these to the list. I think im extending the due date to January

Me and DJ Chidow wanna do a NiGHTS into Dreams music track. Can we hop on?


Is it possible to still join this? I'd love to do a little gif of Nights. Though I only animate in Clip Studio Paint so do you accept image sequences?

yea i will make a new post with the new deadline! an animated gif is okay too because i can import it into flash!

Discord join link dont work

So to claim one of the games for the collab do I have to just submit my part?

would you like to do art or animation? i need to know what game you want to do so i can add it to the list, each game can have an art or animation submission by the same or 2 different artists

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