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Follow Me on SOUNDCLOUD !! Pwedy Pwease :-)

2017-06-14 00:51:35 by scottwjsm

I upload most of my work here on newgrounds as demos to see how people respond to find out what tracks are working that I can later make into a song.

It would mean a lot if anyone is willing to support my soundcloud page to help give me some more motivation! Please feel free to give me critiques of my work! Also if anyone has advice how to expand on soundcloud (should I repost songs?) that would also be greatly appreciated (^u^) !!


Pokemon's 21st Anniversary Collab

2017-01-23 21:03:08 by scottwjsm

Holykonni and I are hosting a collab for the 21st anniversary of pokemon with MihaP ,Cloudeater and TheBoogley! The day is February 27th so hopefully we can meet that deadline.

Your submission can be a loop or a short scene, and must be pokemon centric. Anything helps!
~~ 24 FPS ~~
~~ 720 x 405 ~~
Note: I asked Tom Fulp if this can be on the newgrounds youtube channel so there can NOT BE ANY COPYRIGHT-MUSIC. The audio portal has a huge library of great music to use in your videos while supporting independent artists.
Send me a PM or leave a reply below if you are interested.

Seeking Animator to Hire and a Question to Freelancers

2016-12-17 17:03:28 by scottwjsm

My Question to freelancers:

Has anyone had commissions from another country while living in the US? I was wondering how I would pay taxes on money I received from Canadian business, Swearnet, for working on Trailer Park Cats? If the company was within the U.S. I would usually fill out a 1099-misc tax form. Maybe a w9?

Looking for an animator to help with episodes of TPCs on Swearnet and make a some episodes on their own, we would split $ for episode we do together, and on episodes you make entirely you would make the full amount of course. I get paid 500 Canadian $ per 4 min Episode. It is a small pay but Swearnet is the company owned by the main characters of Trailer Park Boys, it would be great exposure for intermediate animators!


Trailer Park Cats on Swearnet!

2016-09-05 20:46:33 by scottwjsm

2 years ago I released this animation here on newgrounds. I never thought it would one day be on swearnet! A Thank You to everyone who watched and supported the cartoon

Naruto/ Kirby Cross over preview

2016-04-07 00:56:06 by scottwjsm

I couldn't wait to share this because It may take forever to finish it with all my other projects.

Thanks @retroarcademonkey and @Gianni for the amazing voiceacting!


Trailer Park Cats moving to Swearnet!

2016-03-02 12:31:29 by scottwjsm

I was contacted by swearnet (from newgrounds xD) and am going to make more TPCs! They will only be on for 4.20 a month, hopefully the first 2 will be free and might later be on their youtube page.

I love Newgrounds

2016-01-02 17:04:51 by scottwjsm

I have been making animations since 2006. I used ms paint and windows xp moviemaker to make sprite animations inspired by Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom by Randy Solem. In 2009 I made this account, and I will always love newgrounds! 2016 is going to be a huge animating year for me, and in 2017 I am planning on working more towards making games with unity (so glad NG supports unity player <3). I also finally became a supporter!!


Im getting into Videography

2014-08-05 16:10:05 by scottwjsm

Also Enjoy this commercial I made.

Aslo if you like Cats and Trailer Park Boys you will love the video below!


Helped with some game animation

2014-05-16 16:27:54 by scottwjsm

Link to the game:

Supprot Wolve Games here:


Trailer Park Cats

2014-02-26 20:20:46 by scottwjsm

Episode 1: Meat Stealing Operation