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What are helpful hotkeys used while working with digital art??

Everytime I use opacity and lift up my intous pen it adds another transperent color on top! Is there a hotkey to keep me in the same brush pressure so I dont have to hold my pen down?


2017-11-02 00:05:00 by scottwjsm


2017-10-17 21:47:35 by scottwjsm

Im making a halloween movie

Seeking Animator to Hire and a Question to Freelancers

2016-12-17 17:03:28 by scottwjsm

My Question to freelancers:

Has anyone had commissions from another country while living in the US? I was wondering how I would pay taxes on money I received from Canadian business, Swearnet, for working on Trailer Park Cats? If the company was within the U.S. I would usually fill out a 1099-misc tax form. Maybe a w9?

Looking for an animator to help with episodes of TPCs on Swearnet and make a some episodes on their own, we would split $ for episode we do together, and on episodes you make entirely you would make the full amount of course. I get paid 500 Canadian $ per 4 min Episode. It is a small pay but Swearnet is the company owned by the main characters of Trailer Park Boys, it would be great exposure for intermediate animators!


Trailer Park Cats on Swearnet!

2016-09-05 20:46:33 by scottwjsm

2 years ago I released this animation here on newgrounds. I never thought it would one day be on swearnet! A Thank You to everyone who watched and supported the cartoon

Naruto/ Kirby Cross over preview

2016-04-07 00:56:06 by scottwjsm

I couldn't wait to share this because It may take forever to finish it with all my other projects.

Thanks @retroarcademonkey and @Gianni for the amazing voiceacting!


Trailer Park Cats moving to Swearnet!

2016-03-02 12:31:29 by scottwjsm

I was contacted by swearnet (from newgrounds xD) and am going to make more TPCs! They will only be on for 4.20 a month, hopefully the first 2 will be free and might later be on their youtube page.

I love Newgrounds

2016-01-02 17:04:51 by scottwjsm

I have been making animations since 2006. I used ms paint and windows xp moviemaker to make sprite animations inspired by Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom by Randy Solem. In 2009 I made this account, and I will always love newgrounds! 2016 is going to be a huge animating year for me, and in 2017 I am planning on working more towards making games with unity (so glad NG supports unity player <3). I also finally became a supporter!!


Im getting into Videography

2014-08-05 16:10:05 by scottwjsm

Also Enjoy this commercial I made.

Aslo if you like Cats and Trailer Park Boys you will love the video below!


Helped with some game animation

2014-05-16 16:27:54 by scottwjsm

Link to the game:

Supprot Wolve Games here: